Senate Commando

A Senate Commando in full armor

Senate Commandos were an elite Republic unit personally aimed in guarding the members of the Senate. The Guard is made up of experienced security and law enforcement officers from all across Republic space and often contains members whose family's had a hereditary tradition of service it. Most were stationed on Coruscant.



A Senate Commando's polarized visor and specialized helmet

By default, Senate Commandos wore metallic blue armor, which similarly modeled after clone trooper armor, however having differences in helmet design and a larger left shoulder pad. Senate Commandos of a higher rank usually had several white strips patterned throughout their armor and larger crests on their helmet.

During the Clone Wars period these guards were armed with the DC-15 series blasters commonly issued to clones. In previous ages the guard sported white ceremonial blaster rifles, these rifles although designated as "ceremonial" were in fact quite accurate and powerful. The aforementioned rifle was capable of taking down targets from long ranges however since the Senate guard very rarely are seen during combat conditions seeing a guardsmen use one was rare.

Senate Commandos could also be seen using shock sticks and force pikes as part of their duties in law enforcement and crowd control situations.

Known Senate Commandos

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