Separatist Landing Craft

Landing Craft Rugosa

Haor Chall Engineering
Landing Craft
149.28 meters
4 turret mounted laser cannons, 4 wingtip laser cannons
Confederacy of Independent Systems

The Separatist Landing Craft, or C-9979 Landing Craft, was a Separatist dropship utilized for invasions and large battles. These ships were often colored brown, but on certain planets, such as Christophsis and Rugosa, where they were camouflaged to be visually hidden into the environment. Its large H shape offered stability when it descended into the atmosphere of invaded planets, but the relatively low descent made it an easy target.


The Separatist Landing Craft was not an attack vehicle, but was equipped with weapons to defend himself consisting of four turret mounted cannons and four wingtip laser cannons.


They could carry eight MTTs and two to four dozen AATs and were operated by commander droids, worker droids, security droids and pilot droids. Smaller versions of it were also deployed, that could only hold AATs.

Mobile bases were often deployed around them when after they landed, and their metal walls offered protections from ground attacks when the craft in grounded, and the craft could carry all the materials necessary to their construction.


Battle of Christophsis

During the Battle of Christophsis, several CIS Landing Crafts were used to transport numerous B1 Battle Droids and B2 Super Battle Droids as Asajj Ventress was about to invade the Galactic Republic base. These craft landed the thousands of Battle Droids that made up their invasion force.