Shadow Collective


Death Watch
Black Sun (formerly)
Pyke Family (formerly)
Hutt Clan (formerly)
"The vision has expanded. You will still rule Mandalore, and under your protection, I will command a new galactic underworld. [...] With their combined forces, the Republic and the Separatists will be irrelevant."
Darth Maul to Pre Vizsla[src]

The Shadow Collective was a criminal organization that was created by Darth Maul for his plot of revenge and domination. He formed the group first by enlisting the splinter group, Death Watch with a faction of the Black Sun and spice traders of the Pyke Family soon following. In addition to these, a group of Hutt enforcers, provided by Jabba the Hutt, were also rallied into the cause. It was soon broken up by the betrayal of Vizsla to Maul, as he took him prisoner.


Death Watch

The Death Watch found Darth Maul and Savage Opress nearly dead, so they brought them in to interrogate them. After brief negotiations, they allied together to take over Mandalore, and they were going to build an army to help them.

Black Sun

The Black Sun was one of the biggest criminal organazations run by Xomit Grunseit and a council of his species. When Maul met with the council to recruit them, Grunseit refused to affiliate the Black Sun with the Collective as though they were average mercenaries. Savage proceeded to kill all of the council, and left it to the Captain of the guard, Ziton Moj, to decide: Moj agreed.

The Pyke Family

The Pyke Family were Spice dealers connected to all the crime families. The leader was Lom Pyke, who came to Death Watch's hideout and happily joined Maul's army.

Hutt Family

Maul met the council on Nal Hutta, and asked to be a ally, which they laughed, ordering Bounty Hunters to kill them. Pre Vizsla then set the room ablaze, and all the Hutts escaped except for one, Oruba the Hutt. Maul asked him where they went, and Oruba told him where Jabba lived, Jabba's Palace on Tatooine, shortly before his execution. Maul then made his way to Jabba's Palace and quickly they allied with Maul, admiring the Sith's ambition. However, after Maul's capture in Sundari, the Hutt Cartel withdrew from the Collective.


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