Queenmirajscintel detail

Queen Miraj Scintel wielding a Shock whip.

Shock Whips were torture devices in the form of a conventional whip which contained a power cell that pulsed an electric shock through the fibers of the whip. This weapon was, essentially, the same in appearance as any other kind of whip. However, it was unique in the sense that it had metal fibers and electrodes woven into the device's cord. These fibers were connected to an internal power cell found within the hand grip that, when activated, the power cell sent a jolt of electricity through the cord's fibers that when in contact with the skin of a victim could cause great pain or even death. Wielders of the shock whip often delighted in wrapping their victim with the weapon's cord before activating the electric shock, causing further suffering for the unlucky individual ensnared by cord.

The majority of the individuals that wielded the shock whip were slavers like the Zygerrians, who utilized them in dealing with disobedient slaves. Queen Miraj Scintel carried a whip with retractable cord that, when not in use, laid coiled in the handle. The Queen wielded this whip with great proficiency and it was later used by Anakin Skywalker after Scintel was killed by Count Dooku.


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