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Sionver Boll
Biological Information
Species: Bivall
Gender: Female
Biographic Information
  • Scientist

Sionver Boll was a Bivall scientist who served the Galactic Republic. She designed the electro-proton bomb that was used during the Battle of Malastare to destroy a Separatist droid invasion force.

However, the weapon created a sinkhole in which the supposedly extinct Zillo Beast was awakened. Because the beast's armor was impenetrable, Palpatine wanted the beast studied, and thereby ordered her to bring it to Coruscant. She complied, but Palpatine requested that it be killed before they would have its plates removed, as a safety measure. She protested, complaining that it might be sentient. He ordered her to kill it and threatened to replace her if she did not. She attempted to comply, using a gaseous poison. However, she lost control of the beast, and it began a rampage at the heart of Coruscant, trying to locate Palpatine.

When the beast was finally killed by a more potent mixture of the Malastare fuel, Boll was surprised by Palpatine's order to have it cloned.


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