Slave I
Slave I-R2CH
Manufacturer: Kuat Systems Engineering
Class: Transport
Technical Information
Length: 21.5 meters
  • 2 Twin blaster cannons
  • 2 Rapid-firing laser cannons
  • 2 missile/torpedo launchers
  • 1 Minelayer

1 Pilot

Slave I was a modified Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft used by famed Bounty hunter, Jango Fett until his death on Geonosis, when it was inherited by his son (a clone of himself), Boba Fett. Boba used the ship in 21 BBY to hunt down the man responsible for his father's death, Mace Windu, with the aid of his accomplices, Aurra Sing, Bossk and Castas.


Slave I

Slave I on Florrum

When Fett and Sing's attempts to kill Windu at Vanqor failed twice, they used Slave I to transport themselves and their Republic hostages to Florrum, where they met with pirate captain Hondo Ohnaka. Though Ohnaka would not help them, Boba's band still waited on Florrum to lure Windu back with their hostages. But instead, Jedi Master Plo Koon and padawan Ahsoka Tano were sent to deal with them. When they overpowered the bounty hunters, Sing abandoned Fett and attempted to escape aboard the Slave I. But she did not succeed as Tano pursued her, freeing the hostages and damaging the ship, which caused it to crash into the surface of the planet.

Though Slave I was damaged, Hondo managed to pull the unconscious Aurra from the wreckage and refurbish it for his own use. He painted it with the markings of his Pirate Gang, and stored it in his hidden hangar. When General Grievous invaded Florrum, Hondo escaped on Slave I after rescuing a group of Jedi Younglings and Ahsoka Tano.


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