Biological Information
Species: Trandoshan
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Trandosha
  • None
  • Trandoshan hunting

Sochek was a Trandoshan hunter who hunted for sport on the planet Wasskah.

Padawan Lost

When the hunting games began, he and another Trandoshan named Ratter took a hover pod to the jungle below to begin their game. They found two wandering prisoners named Katt Mol and Lika. Ratter shot Katt Mol as Sochek took out Lika with his sniper rifle. He did not know that a group of Jedi padawans were planning to destroy the Trandoshans. At a later time, Sochek and Lo-Taren were speaking to their leader, Garnac, near the crashed prisoner ship. They said the ship crashed from three Jedi padawans, which explained the two dead pilots and a missing Wookiee named Chewbacca.

Wookiee Hunt

Sochek and the other Trandoshans were on the floating fortress when it came under attack by Chewbacca, Jinx, O-Mer, and Ahsoka Wookiees led by General Tarrful arrived, hearing the distress call that Chewbacca sent out. As the fight went on, Lo-Taren and Sochek hid behind a hover craft. One Wookiee shot Lo-Taren, and Sochek was shocked and checked on his fallen comrade. As a distraction, Jinx used the Force on the hover pod and let the same Wookiee kill Sochek.


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