Commander Jet and Sonic Troopers

Clone Commander Jet, one of many troopers with experimental comm gear on Geonosis.

Special Operations clone troopers, or Special Ops Troopers, were specialized clone troopers who fought for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Many Special Ops Troopers fought with commanders Cody and Jet during the Second Battle of Geonosis and Battle of Christophsis. On Geonosis, a unit of Special Ops Troopers was placed under the command of Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Appearance and Training

All Special Ops Troopers wore specialized Sonic Helmets, which were modified to protect them from loud explosions and to pick up vibrations. These helmets as well as special training assisted the troopers in combat against Geonosians, their armor being very resistant to their sonic blasters and they could detect the beating of wings. Some troopers were trained as pilots, being able to quickly translate radar pings and locate Separatist naval ships.
Sonic Trooper Pilots

Special Ops Trooper Pilots at work

On Geonosis, Special Ops Troopers wore clone trooper armor with a yellow and brown color scheme. Many were equipped with backpacks and DC-15S Standard Blasters.

Stealth Special Ops Pilots wore grey Special Ops trooper armor with small red and yellow markings on their helmets. Most Stealth Special Ops Troopers used shoulder armor with the same symbol from the Special Ops troopers on Geonosis.

Battle of Cristophsis

During the Battle of Cristophsis, General Obi-Wan Kenobi introduced a Stealth ship to evade Trench's sensors. Several Stealth Special Ops troops, led by Commander Blackout, assisted in piloting the Stealth Ship.

Known Special Ops Troopers


  • Originally, Special Ops troopers were to be communications specialists. However, this was deemed impractical by the writers of The Clone Wars as characters often simply used their personal comlinks for long-range communications. The design was still implemented in the series by way of turning the communications backpack into a high-power scanning device, which one of Mundi's troops used to detect Geonosian wing vibrations.
  • In "Cat and Mouse", several Stealth Ops troopers were accidentally designed with the Geonosis color scheme as seen in "Landing at Point Rain". Simultaneously, some troopers wore the intended Stealth Ops design, while others had the Geonosis armor design, but properly colored gray. This continuity error was partially compensated for by the Stealth Ship's interior lightning.


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