Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Sith Hunters
The Sith Hunters
Novel Information
Writer: Henry Gilroy

Steven Melching

Novel No.:
Editor: Randy Stradley, Freddye Lins, Dave Marshall
Published: August 29, 2012
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Pages: Unknown
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Novel Chronology
Previous: Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Enemy Within

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Sith Hunters is an issue of the Clone Wars graphic novellas. It was released on August 29, 2012 and follows the story of Darth Maul and Savage Opress into Season 5.

Publisher's summary

"Would-be Sith Savage Opress has located his long-lost brother, Darth Maul! Now the two of them have embarked on a killing spree, cutting a deadly swath through the Outer Rim planets. Determined to stop the brothers, the Jedi Council sends a task force of skilled Jedi to hunt them down and bring them to justice. But when you’re hunting Sith, be careful . . . You might just catch them! Cover art by Dave Filoni, the supervising director of the TV show The Clone Wars!"





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