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Separatist Super Tank


12.6 m
  • Twin blaster cannons
  • Turreted twin laser cannons
  • Concealed twin warhead launchers
  • Repulsorcraft
  • Heavy repulsor tank
  • Armour
"Looks like the Separatists have a new toy."
Luminara Unduli upon seeing the Super tanks[src]

The Separatist Super Tank was a near-indestructible armored vehicle. Its shield generators protected it from most weapons, including heavy Republic cannons. The combination of nearly impenetrable armour and powerful weaponry made it a formidable foe.


The weaponry of the tank was capable of destroying any Republic land vehicle.The Super Tanks were outfitted with an array of both heavy and small arms weaponry, including twin blaster canons, twin turreted laser cannons, and two warhead launchers concealed by a layer of the tank's heavy shielding.


The tanks were first deployed during the Second Battle of Geonosis, where they were used to defend a Separatist droid factory from Republic forces. The tanks themselves had been produced by the same factory, and rushed off the production line onto the battlefield.The units easily pushed back the clones, ignoring the Republic heavy cannon fire, and inflicted devastating loses on the troopers.

The Republic forces were in fact unable to destroy them with conventional weapons, and had to destroy the bridge the Super Tanks were crossing, sending them down into the canyon below, destroying them. One Super Tank was also deployed inside the factory to kill Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee. Ironically, it was used to destroy the factory by the Padawans, saving both the apprentices and the Republic from certain death and defeat.


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