Sy Snootles
Sy Snootles
Biological Information
Species: Pa'lowick
Gender: Female
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Lowick
  • Singer/performer
"Oh, that's too bad. I still got work to do"
―Sy Snootles holding Ziro the Hutt at gunpoint[src]

Sy Snootles was a Pa'lowick singer and an amateur mercenary who lived during the turbulent Clone Wars.


Snootles once had a romantic relationship with Ziro the Hutt years before the War, but their love affair came to an end after Ziro was imprisoned after orchestrating a kidnapping attempt involving his nephew Jabba's son, Rotta. After Ziro was freed by Cad Bane from Republic prison on Coruscant Sy was hired by Jabba to steal a holo-diary from Ziro. To infiltrate the Hutt Council's facility where they held Ziro after capturing him Snootles used her musical talent to become an entertainer for Council. However, this was merely a method of getting close enough to Ziro to complete her mission from Jabba. To win Ziro's affections she claimed that she still loved him and broke him out of the Hutt Council's prison and accompanied him when he went to acquire his mother's starship so he could fly it to Teth. On Teth the two found the holo-diary Ziro had searched for which he planned to sell at that moment Snootles revealed her true agenda. Still bitter from his betrayal years before, Snootles shot Ziro dead and took the Diary to her true client.


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