Biological Information
Species: Droid
Gender: Feminine programming
Biographic Information
  • Commander

TJ-912 was a Tactical Droid who originally served under Asajj Ventress during the Clone Wars. After the droid's defection, however, TJ-912 was given the mission to kill Ventress by Dooku.


TJ-912 bore the appearance of a standard Tactical droid and had red markings on its body for identification.


"Yes, my lord. Ventress is battling the Jedi onboard the command ship."
"Turn your guns on our command ship and open fire!"
"But, my lord, I calculate that will destroy Ventress, the Jedi and all our forces."
―TJ-912 conferring with Count Dooku[src]

Amid a space battle near the Sullust system, TJ-912 assisted in leading the attack on a Republic fleet. Shortly after Asajj Ventress joined the battle, TJ-912 recieved a transmission from Count Dooku who ordered her to open fire on Ventress. With little opposition, TJ-912 ordered the cannons on its Recusant-class Light Destroyer to open fire on Ventress. Pressing on the attack, the droid contacted a nearby group of Hyena Droid Bombers and sent them to destroy the enemy ship's hangar, where Ventress had landed.

TJ-912 reported back to Count Dooku that Assaj Ventress had been killed. Congratulated by Dooku, TJ-912 retreats with the rest of the fleet.

Shadow Warrior

Tactical droid Naboo-SW

TJ-912 confronting Jar Jar.

TJ-912, along with Grievous, were directed to deploy Separatist forces on Naboo after Rish Loo successfully manipulated Boss Lyonie to declare war on the Naboo People. TJ-912 soon arrived only to be greeted by Jar Jar Binks who disguised himself as Lyonie.

After Jar Jar and Grievous' talk, TJ-912's droid army was shut down by Roos Tarpals. General Grievous, who was very confused about what has happened, is attacked and quickly overwhelmed by the Gungan army.

TJ-912 was later seen bringing Anakin Skywalker back to his allies. After Padmé Amidala released the captured Grievous, TJ-912 cast Skywalker out along with his lightsaber.


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