Biological Information
Species: Droid
Gender: Masculine programming
Biographic Information
"Form up for counterattack. Lower the gate."
―TZ-33, during the battle of Felucia[src]

TZ-33 was a tactical droid who was stationed at a Separatist outpost on Felucia during the Clone Wars.

Padawan Lost

In 21 BBY, TZ-33 oversaw the droid army from one of the small droid outposts in the jungles of Felucia. When Republic AT-TE divisions, led by Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, began making advances into enemy territory, General Grievous sent reinforcements to the outpost in a landing ship. When the Republic attacked, TZ-33 ordered the front gate to be lowered in order to launch a counterattack. But Skywalker was lying in wait for the advancing forces and they quickly overpowered the outpost. TZ-33 was destroyed when Skywalker cut him across the torso with his lightsaber.

Behind the scenes

TZ-33 was voiced by Matt Lanter, the voice being much lower than other Tactical droids.


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