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514px-Tango Company

Tango Company's tiger-like emblem

Tango Company was a company of Clone troopers during the Clone Wars, donned in Phase I armor with teal markings.

Tango Company trooper Havoc

Second Battle of Geonosis

After sweeping up the planet Geonosis and making sure all droid factories were destroyed and Arch Duke Poggle the Lesser was in custody, Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi reported that Mace Windu's assault on Dantooine was successful but at a heavy cost to his troops. Mundi added that a medical frigate with relief supplies was supposed to head to a medical station above Ord Cestus to assist Master Windu and his army. General Anakin Skywalker remarked that he and his men were to deliver Poggle to Coruscant and that Ord Cestus wasn't on their way. Skywalker decided that Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano should take the supplies while he, Masters Kenobi, Unduli, and Mundi escort Poggle to Coruscant. Meanwhile, at the destroyed Progate Temple, Lieutenant Trap woke his sleeping soldiers with blaster fire to announce their next orders were to deliver supplies the to the medical station near Ord Cestus. Unbenounced to the rest of Tango Company and the Jedi, the trooper, Sycthe,who was infected by a living brain worm, filled his pack with worm eggs. When the ship took off, the troopers and Jedi drifted to a deep sleep. Scythe then infected all the troopers except Havoc and Trap. When Ahsoka and Barriss were eating, Ox and Edge ambushed them, and Havoc and Trap rushed to the scene. Sycthe then locked the bridge. Ahsoka thought someone paid the troopers to kill them, like what Ventress did to Sergeant Slick on Christophsis. Havoc guarded Ox and Edge as Barriss, Ahsoka, and Trap headed to the bridge.

Notable Members


Ahsoka and Tango Company about to leave Geonosis.


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