"The Disappeared, Part I"
Episode Information
Season: 6
Episode No.: 8
Production Code: 5.16
Airdate: March 1, 2014 (Germany)

March 7, 2014 (U.S. and Canada)

  • Jonathan W. Rinzler
Director: Steward Lee
"Without darkness there can be no light."

"The Disappeared, Part I" is the eighth episode of season six of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. It aired in Germany on March 1, 2014 and was released on Netflix in the U.S. and Canada on March 7, 2014.

Official description

"The peaceful world of Bardotta and its mystic ways are threatened by an ancient prophecy, and its top spiritual leaders have vanished. Queen Julia of Bardotta calls for help from her most trusted friend in the Senate, Jar Jar Binks. Recognizing the importance of Bardotta's spiritual balance, the Jedi Council sends Mace Windu to accompany Binks and investigate."





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