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The Trade Federation was a trading company in the time of the Clone Wars and was one of the founders of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It was led by Nute Gunray. Originally as its name suggest the Trade Federation was created to assist and advance economic logistical issues. Over many years the Trade Federation became wealthy coming to control both private armies an entier solar systems. The leadership was a panel of several races until Nute Gunray and his Nemoidians who excecuted a finincial coup that left them in charge.


The Trade Federation had a senator in the Republic senate, Lott Dodd, to convince the Republic that the Trade Federation was not working with the CIS. He could also tell the CIS about Republic plans. The Trade Federation had a command ship where it could hold entire armies of battle droids! The Trade Federation attacked Naboo with its powerful army. Many worlds have fallen due to the Trade Federation. Nute Gunray was a powerful leader in the Trade Federation.

The Trade Federation had many powerful machines. One was their dropship. The Trade Federation use

Trade Federation dropship

s them to carry supplies or armies to planets. They can carry many droids and tanks. One tank they have is the ATT. It has been used through many battles and they're very powerful and deadly. They have been used through battles for the CIS and the Trade Federation. The ATT have two little blaster guns on the side and a main cannon on the top. Also it has rockets on the bottom.

Clone Wars

The Trade Federation has been involved with many battles throughout the Clone Wars. The most famous was Naboo. Nute Gunray was ordered to attack Naboo until the Queen of Naboo would sign the treaty. The Trade Federation were unsuccesful in their attempt. They were involved in the Battle of Geonosis. Also they help blockade Ryloth with Captain Mar Tuuk and his ships and tanks.

The Trade Federation had many glorious victories. They were also involved in the Holocron incident. Also when Nute Gunray was captured on the Tranquility, the Trade Federation's agent, Faro Argyus, saved him. Lott Dodd and other senators in the Senate tried to wreck the peace negotiations set up by Mina Bonteri. The Trade Federation was also involved in the Naboo skirmish when the Gungans got orders from Boss Lyonie. They were also involved with Rush Clovis, who later betrayed them.


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