Trella Bare'Ah
Biological Information
Species: Twi'lek
Gender: Female
Biographic Information
  • Dancer
  • Greedo

Trella Bare'Ah was a female Twi'lek dancer in Jabba's Palace who was romantically involved with Greedo.

Sphere of Influence

"Ladies, do any of you know Greedo?"
"Who's asking?"
"We're asking. We're looking to hire a bounty hunter."
―Papanoida questions Bare'ah[src]

Trella and her associates worked as entertainers for Jabba the Hutt at his palace. When Pantoran chairman N. Papanoida and his son Ion arrived at the palace in search of Greedo, who Papanoida believed was responsible for his daughters' kidnapping, she claimed he wasn't present at the time. Shortly after, she went into a back room and warned Greedo of the two men searching for him, prompting him to confront the Pantorans.


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