Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards
Class: Star Destroyer
Technical Information
Length: 1,137 meters
  • 8 Heavy turbolasers
  • 2 Medium dual laser cannons
  • 52 Point-defense laser cannons

Clone Naval Officers

The Triumphant was a Venator-class Star Destroyer used during the early stages of the Clone Wars, commanded by Clone Commander Wolffe and Jedi General Plo Koon.

Rising Malevolence

In 22 BBY, the Triumphant was tasked with finding a mystery ship somewhere in the Outer Rim responsible for the destruction of numerous Republic starships. When the Triumphant found the mystery vessel, a massive warship, the Malevolence, they contacted the Republic, but moments later, as the Triumphant was going to open fire, the monstrous ship shot a massive ion blast, which hit the Triumphant; it caused the ship and the rest of General Koon's fleet to lose all power. Then, the Malevolence opened fire, destroying the Triumphant. Only Koon and a small number of clones were able to escape in escape pods before the ship was destroyed.


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