Tryla detail
Biological Information
Species: Ming Po
Gender: Female
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Carlac
  • Civilian

Tryla was granddaughter of the Ming Po Chieftain Pieter during the Clone Wars.


Tryla wore what appeared to be traditional Ming Po clothing, light colored flowing robes. In addition she had a set of what were likely ceremonial tattoos on her face.



Tryla being stabbed

During the Clone Wars, Tryla was captured by Death Watch members with many other women in her village and were forced to become servants for the Mandalorians. The Death Watch having been evicted from their base on Concordia relocated to Carlac where they subjugated the Ming Po natives. Pieter, Tryla's grandfather, attempted to reason with Vizsla for the release of his people however this was met with violence on the part of the Death Watch leader who pulled out his Darksaber and tried to stab Pieter. Fortunately for Pieter, and sadly for Tryla she jumped in between the two to save her grandfather's life and was brutally killed by a dark saber. Before she died, she asked Ahsoka to save her people.


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