Umbaran Soldiers

Umbaran Militia soldiers

Umbarans were the sentient, humanoid species native to Umbara. Distinguished by their remarkably pale skin Umbarans often had sunken eyes with considerable light sensitivity. This was due to the fact that their homeworld was in a state of perpetual darkness and thus this species was most at home in the dark. Furthermore Umbarans were often thought to have the ability to see in the ultraviolet spectrum.

Deserting the Republic

Umbara was originally part of the Republic represented by Senator Mee Deechi. Deechi staunch supporter the war and joined Kaminoan Senator Halle Burtoni in the support of a bill that would authorize an order for five million more Clone troopers to join the Grand Army of the Republic. The Senator was later stabbed by the Rodian Representative Lolo Purs, who suspected that Deechi had found out about her involvement in the murder of Rodian Senator Onaconda Farr. However in the immediate aftermath of Farr's death many suspected that Deechi was responsible because of the recent public animosity between the two concerning Onaconda's disdain for Deechi's military expansion bill. The truth was that Mee had been falsely suspected and later killed by a Republic Senator. This outraged the Umbarans, which caused them to withdraw from the Republic to join the Separatists, ultimately lending their advanced technology to the Separatist cause

Senator Mee Deechi of Umbara


Umbaran Militia

Umbara's only military force was its local militia. The Umbaran Militia were known to wield a variety of weapons that were more advanced than most others in the galaxy. Their equipment included: semi-automatic blasters, tanks that had their own unique structure and cannons, and starfighters that had powerful missile launchers. In addition, each Umbaran soldier was equipped with a light-weight suit that offered more protection and freedom of movement. They wore vacuum-sealed helmets that were filled with a special kind of gas that increased the Umbaran's reaction time, agility, and aggressiveness.

The Umbarans used guerrilla warfare tactics against the clones during the Battle of Umbara.

Known Umbarans


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