Umbaran Starfighter

Umbaranstarfighter detail

(Flight configuration) 10.38 meters long, 12.47 meters tall

Umbaran starfighters were the primary fighter craft used by the Umbara Militia during the Clone Wars. These fighters were piloted by Umbarans during the Battle of Umbara where they saw extensive use on bombing raids. Its ray-shielded cockpit surrounded the pilot with motion-sensitive holographic displays that reacted instantly to touch, and could drop from the fighter's armature when not flying. The ship's unique construction allowed its airframe to flex and bend without using any visible articulations, not only adding to its maneuverability, but allowing it to land and take off with a minimal amount of mechanical effort. It carried the energetic plasma weapons that were found on many Umbaran craft, as well as modular missile pods.

It was able capable of low altitude flight which makes it useful against infantry. Its missiles were extremely dangerous; able to vaporize a full blast door. These missiles were made of plasma energy, and generated by removable missile pods attached to the wings.


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