Army of the Dead


"Choono slalem denni tay'lori olee-ay. Lucheno vadem klavlane. Blenay vedi nalem koreem. Blenay vedi nalem koreem. Villos susko kono lamal! Vlemon tagoo"
―Old Daka's incantation for the dead[src]

The Undead Dathomirians were deceased Nightsisters controlled and animated by the powers of Old Daka to defend their clan uring the Battle of Dathomir. After the CIS droid forces began their attack on the Nightsister's settlement Mother Talzin contacted Old Daka to give Ventress, who led their warriors, reinforcements. Daka used a mystic chant to summon the dead Sisters from their graves and deployed them against Grievous and his droids. Using these Undead beings quickly turned the battle in the Nightsister's favor pushing the enemy Separatist units back.

Physical appearance

Undead Dathomirians had the appearance of decomposing corpses with wide open mouths, exposed ribs and tattered clothing. Being animated by Daka's magic the Undead had eyes that glowed green, a sign of the Nightsister's sorcery.


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