Unidentified B1 Battle Droid
Biological Information
Droid Model: B1 Battle Droid
Line: B-series battle droids
Gender: Masculine programing
Biographic Information
Weapon(s): None
  • Driver
Height: 1.91 meters
"Boy, this is a lot more fun when they're not shooting back."
"I still can't seem to hit anything."
―Another B1 Droid to this B1 Battle Droid.[src]
This B1 Battle Droid was stationed onboard the bridge of the Separatist Subjugator-class heavy cruiser the Malevolence under the command of General Grievous. The B1 Battle Droid participated in the Battle of Abregado and later the Battle of the Kaliida Nebula. During the Battle of the Kaliida, the droid was destroyed by Grievous out of displeasure for its performance.


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