Unidentified Death Watch Assassin
Death Watch assassin
Biological Information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Mandalore
  • Assassin

This Death Watch assassin was part of the Mandalorian Death Watch during The Clone Wars.


Around 21 BBY, he and other Death Watch Mandalorians guarded the Death Watch hideout on the moon Concordia. The Death Watch, under the leadership of Pre Vizsla, the Governor of Concordia, were mobilizing their soldiers for a complete takeover of the planet Mandalore, which was ruled by a reformist faction known as the New Mandalorians. Vizsla, under guidance of Count Dooku of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, who supported the Death Watch, sent the assassin to Coruscant, the Galactic Capital, to kill the leader of the movement, Duchess Satine Kryze of Kalevala, in order to keep her from interfering with their plans.

The assassin first attempted to take the Duchess's life by planting an explosive inside her speeder, activated with a remote detonator. The explosion was only large enough to destroy the speeder's engines, and the Duchess and her guards vaulted out of the vehicle before it crashed into the side of a skytower. However, no proof of the assassin's existence was available to the Galactic Senate, leading them to believe the crash was merely an accident. Following the botched attempt on Satine's life, the assassin attempted to kill Satine and a contact of hers, Davu Golec, using a sniper rifle. The assassin killed Golec with a shot to the heart, but the ensuing confusion prevented him from getting a shot on the Duchess. The assassin gave pursuit for a few minutes before losing track. The assassin eventually caught up with Satine, who was now under the protection of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He attempted to kill the Duchess using a thermal detonator, but Kenobi intervened and Force pushed her out of the blast radius. Kenobi and the assassin brawled until the assassin was overwhelmed by Kenobi's use of the Force, prompting him to activate his jetpack and retreat.


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