Unidentified Ishi Tib Pirate
Biological Information
Species: Ishi Tib
Gender: Male
Biographic Information
"I thought you weren't going to mess with Jedi anymore."
―This pirate to Hondo Ohnaka[src]

This pirate served as a navigator aboard one of Captain Hondo Ohnaka's Corona-class Armed Frigates during the Clone Wars. He was with the pirates when they discovered the Crucible, a Jedi Training Cruiser carrying a group of Jedi Initiates returning from "The Gathering", a Jedi rite of passage on Ilum. Along with the rest of Ohnaka's gang, this pirate boarded their ship, and went searching for the younglings and their lightsaber crystals. When Zatt caused the bridge connecting the pirate's ship to the Crucible to break, this pirate was almost sucked out into space. However, he was able to grab onto the bridge and survive.


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