Unidentified OOM Commander Droid
Ryloth Commander
Biological Information
Species: B1 Battle Droid
Gender: Masculine Programming
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Unknown
  • OOM Commander Droid
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems
"Good. Now order our cannons to target their rear units. We'll box them in and blast them to pieces."
―OOM Commander Droid[src]
This OOM Commander Droid served as a commander for the Separatist forces during the Battle of Ryloth.

Liberty on Ryloth

This OOM Commander Droid served in the droid army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars in 21 BBY. When the Separatists' member organization Techno Union invaded planet Ryloth, this droid was deployed as a military commander of a group of Armored Assault Tanks.

During the Galactic Republic's attempt to liberate the planet's capital city of Lessu, the command droid led his tanks against the column of All Terrain Tactical Enforcers of the Grand Army of the Republic. When the Republic walkers were moving forward in a winding road above the canyon, the AAT's attacked them from the other side of it. The command droid entrenched into a small bunker with his B1 Battle Droid adjutant, where they could oversee the assault. After his AAT's manage to cripple the AT-TE, which blocked the way from the rest of the walkers, the droid ordered his tanks to also cripple the rear units of the AT-TE, hoping to trap the column on the road.

However, Jedi Master Mace Windu, the Republic forces' leading General, was able to use the Force to get the crippled AT-TE out of the road and led the Clone Troopers of the Lightning Squadron against the AAT's with the AT-TE. Noticing the Jedi's counterattack, the command droid ordered his tanks to destroy the squadron however the walkers proved to be too fast to be hit. The droid considered to surrender with his aide, but the attack already reached their bunker, and Windu destroyed both droids with the laser weaponry of his AT-RT. The droid's tanks were also shortly defeated as well.


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