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Providence-class carrier/destroyer (Sullust)
Unidentified Providence-class carrier(Sullust)
Manufacturer: Quarren
Class: Command Ship
  • Dreadnaught
Technical Information
Length: 1,088 meters
  • Quad turbolaser cannon
  • Dual laser cannon batteries (3)
  • 40 Flak Guns
  • Heavy ion cannons
  • Point-defense ion cannon battery
  • Proton torpedo launcher batteries (8)
    • 2,800 proton torpedoes

B1 Battle Droids, Tactical Droids, Pilot Droids

This Providence-class carrier/destroyer served as a command ship during the Battle of Sullust. The ship was later destroyed by Hyena Droid Bombers when they were trying to kill Ventress and the Jedi.

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