Unidentified Tactical Droid (Kiros)
TacticalDroid Kiros
Biological Information
Species: T-Series tactical Droid
Gender: Male Programming
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Baktoid Comabta Automata
  • Tactical Droid
  • Separatists

This Tactical droid was used during Invasion on Kiros and served Darts D'Nar, Zygerrian slaver.


This tactical droid served Darts D'Nar on Kiros and helped the Zygerrian keep slaved animals. He had red photoreceptors and a symbol in the middle of his chest. This droid watched as Darts beat up Obi-Wan and then informed him a battle droid summoned him. The droid that the Jedi deactivated all the bombs, and Darts pressed a button and nothing happened. Darts then activated a bomb on the back of his tactical droid and the droid felt betrayed. Obi-Wan used the Force and sent the droid out the window as it exploded.


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