Unidentified Tactical Droid (Malastare)
Tactical Droid-Malastare
Biological Information
Species: Tactical Droid
Gender: Masculine Programming
Biographic Information
Homeworld: Unknown
  • Military Commander
"Go, Go!"
―The Tactical Droid on Malastare[src]

During the Battle of Malastare, a Tactical Droid was a military commander for the Separatist forces.


This Tactical Droid was a commander on the planet Malastare for the Separatists. During the final offensive, at which point he was about to overpower the Republic, the Dug leader Nakha Urus and Republic Chancellor Palpatine authorized the use of the Republic Electro-Proton bomb that would take out every electronic device. The explosion disabled the entire droid army, this Tactical droid included.


According to Dave Filoni, the marking of the bomb on the tactical droid is the same bomb that killed Godzilla in the movie.


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