Umbaran airbase

The Umbaran airbase

This Umbaran airbase was a military infrastructure on Umbara that belonged to the Umbaran Militia that used to house multiple starfighters and supplies for their capital.


The airbase consisted of one main structure topped with a tower, surrounded by eight independent hangars.

The main body of the airbase housed the barracks, and, in the lower levels, the prison cells. An elevator ran in the middle, and could bring the troops to the lower and upper levels. The room at the top of the tower could be used as a command center that had a holographic display table and was connected to all the security systems in the rest of the hangars. It also had scanners that warned the occupants of the base from incoming threats.

Each hangar housed many Umbaran starfighters and the equipment necessary to keep them working. When unused, the starfighters were store a large metallic track attached to the inside of the ceiling of each hangar.

The base was encircled by an energy fence that prevented enemies from entering, and the base had many deactivated Hover Tanks resting inside the perimeter protected by the barrier.


Umbaran airbase overview-POD
The airbase had a central role in the Battle of Umbara. It served as a base for the starfighters who regularly bombed the Republic's forces. It was defended by heavy forces including three Impeding Assault Tanks and at least three Umbaran Mobile Heavy Cannons that fought the clones, but was eventually captured despite the Umbaran's resistance. It was then invested by the forces led by General Krell, to which it served as a base. Many Umbarans were detained in the prison level.

Shortly after, it was frequently bombed by Umbaran Long Range Missiles, and three of its starfighters were stolen by troopers Fives, Hardcase and Jesse. Later on, the base was the emplacement of a part of the battle opposing the 501st to Krell.


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