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  • Kltt05

    Episode Review Return Date

    February 18, 2014 by Kltt05

    Hey guys! I have been thinking and I want to bring back the episode reviews a little bit earlier than I first thought. I will be writing them again starting February 28! Be expecting a episode review every Friday from now on after the 28th! Can't wait! Stay safe!

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  • Kltt05

    Inactivity Explaination

    February 7, 2014 by Kltt05

    Greetings! I am so sorry about not editing, commenting, making reviews, frequently. The reasoning is that I am just too busy with school. I am struggling with Math very badly, therefore, I cannot edit as much or not at all.

    The second reasoning is that I have been lazy. Lazyness is a good summery of me. I am a huge slacker in multiple things. 

    Third reason is that I have been using my spare time to either spend time with my squad, Larcon Legion, on CWA since the game will "sunset" at the end of March. I do love that game and the people in it, so I want to spend as much time as I can.

    PLEASE forgive me for my lazyness. I promise I will start editing a lot more soon! Stay safe! May the Force be with you!


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  • Kltt05

    Hello! This week I will be reviewing the last episode in this arc! Duel of the Droids!

    I really do like this episode. It has action and drama. The quest continues for R2-D2 in this episode!

    This episode had one thing very different and the first time we have ever seen in Star Wars history (I THINK) is an astromech verses another astromech. I could be wrong but this is one thing that really brought my attention. Seeing how that bump and use their abiltys to fight eachother with debris flying everywhere and the station falling apart.

    In the begining of the episode, we see R2 trying to escape Gha Nachkt's cell for R2 in interesting ways. However, Gha catches him in both ways. First, R2 escapes his cell and tries to look for a way to get off the …

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  • Kltt05

    Hey guys! I'm here to annonce that I will be kinda sorta leaving this wiki, but then again I will still be contributing on this one aswell but not as often. I will still post the Friday blog posts. I'll still edit on some articles. It won't be like this forever. Then again, it will be awhile.

    Right now I'm focusing more on CWA Character Wiki with my article and other things on that wiki.

    Thank you for reading! Cya on Friday! Bye!

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  • Kltt05

    Hello! I am here this week to review Downfall of a Droid! This starts off the two parter arc of the R2-D2 lost arc which is pretty entertaining. 

    I really like this episode. It shows the bond between Anakin Skywalker and R2-D2.

    This episode featured the Battle of Bothawui which was basically a win for the Republic in 10 minutes. I mean in the newsreel said that the Republic was getting pumled by General Grievous. Sure, I understand that the Republic had the AT-TE ambush on the asteriod, but still, the Republic should of lost more reasources than just two fighters and one crusier getting damged!

    Also, this episode really does show Anakin's bond to things. Padme for example, if he had to choose between saving Padme or a random civilian when bot…

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