Hello. Well, this episode had it's up and downs. This episode is just a cliff hanger. Satine dies and so does Savage! Palpatine came and killed Savage. This episode needs to continue unless this is the end of this arc. I give this episode about a 8 in a half. Satine dying I was about to cry. That was just the saddest thing ever. And Bo Katan is Satines sister!?! Wow. This episode was not as good as the last episode but the duel was not as good as I expeted. The cadets return and they look totally different. But heres a recap of this episode. Maul is now ruler of Mandlore and Satine is in prison. The cadets and the rebels come to her rescue but they fail and they all go to prison. Before Satine was recaptured she sent a message to Obi to come. So he came in the Twilight which looks horrible. He came and rescued Satine and ecaspes the prison. They get followed and the Twilight gets shot down. They take both of them to the palace. Maul tells Obi that he will suffer like he did and he kills Satine. They take Obi to the prison but recues Obi and the rebels and Death Watch then get in a huge battle. Palpatine then comes to kill Savage and Maul. They duel and Palpatine kills Savage. Obi then tells Katan that he will come back and she tells him that Mandlore will survive. He leaves but before he takes off he asks her if she's Satines sister. She nods and he says 'I'm sorry.' Now that Palpatine has killed Savage Maul begs for his life. Palpatine tells him he has uses for Maul and he eletricutes him. Now this is the biggest cliff hanger ever. Well this episode gets a 8/10. Well until the next episode good bye.

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