Manufacturer: Gallofree Yards
Class: Freighter
Technical Information
Length: 95.28 meters
  • Rotary laser cannon

2 Pilots, 1 gunner

The Vermin-Thrax was a Trandoshan slave ship that was used by Trandoshan hunter Garnac and his band to transport kidnapped aliens and Jedi to the jungle moon of Wasskah so that they could be hunted and killed for sport.

Behind the Scenes

The online guide for "Wookiee Hunt" listed the name of the freighter used by Garnac's gang as Reugeot 905. However, in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Incredible Vehicles book, this freighter is called the Vermin-Thrax. The Official Star Wars Fact File magazine later clarified that "Reugeot 905" was part of the ship's classification, and Vermin-Thrax was this specific freighter's name.


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