"That's not right!"
Clone Trooper Hardcase, after witnessing a vixus devour a clone[src]

A Vixus was a Sarlacc-like creature that lived on the planet of Umbara. A Vixus would use its vine-like tentacles to detect prey, and then grab the prey and pull it into its maw. A three-fingered tentacle-like appendage could be extended from its mouth; and with this, it would seize its food, and draw it in.


During the Battle of Umbara, clone trooper Hardcase tripped over what appeared to be a vine, which was in actuality a vixus tentacle, awakening the creature and causing it to attack the nearby clones. When the monster grabbed Fives, he threw a Thermal Detonator into its maw, soon detonating and killing the vixus in the process.


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