Planet Zygerria

Zygerria is a planet located in a star of the same name system that is home-planet of the Zygerrian species.

Clone Wars

Zygerria is a picturesque world with fortress-capped mesas that extend above windswept plains. Graceful brezak creatures catch the wind currents and soar effortlessly from butte to butte. The beauty of the planet hides the fact that Zygerria's cities were all built upon the backs of slaves. For thousands of years, Zygerria supplied slave labor the the galaxy; the Zygerrian Slave Empire became wealthy and powerful, as did those who exploited their chained subjects. After the Jedi Knights cracked down on the slave trade, Zygerria diminished. Its old fortresses and slave markets are still impressive edifices, though their luster has faded from time. Some Zygerrians are actively plotting a return to the old ways, and have found eager allies in the Clone Wars. After the Battle of Kiros, in wich all Togrutan colonists on Kiros were sold by Count Dooku to Zygerrians, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex visited Zygerria with the hope of rescuing them.


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