The Zygerrians were a bipedal sentient humanoid species native to the planet Zygerria. The species had pointed ears and predominantly red hair,though brown was also a possibility, which some individuals preferred to style in ponytails and braids.

Some Zygerrians also weaved various beads into their hair for aesthetic purposes. The species' most distinguishing feature, however, was a series of bony spurs that protruded from beneath their skin on the face, giving them a jagged appearance. Most members of the species usually had two larger spurs extending from the chin, and numerous smaller ones that grew along the brow ridge and on other parts of the face, although there were exceptions and some had only the chin spurs or none at all.

Additionally, females had fewer spurs than males but had somewhat longer ears.

Miraj Scintel a female and a Zygerrian Queen

Known Members


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