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The Zygerrian Labor Processing Hub was built on the planet Kadavo in the Kadavo system by the Zygerrian Slavers Guild. It hovered in one of the larger pits. It was a place of torture for whoever was processed in the hub.

History and Use During the Clone Wars

Built by Zygerrians, the Labor Processing Hub was built and used as a place where slaves were sent to work hard digging Kadavo ore. There, slaves were watched by Keeper Agruss.

Slavers wanted to break their slaves and teach them how to listen and obey their new masters. Many of the slaves were terrified when they masters wanted to sent them there, including an Unidentified Twi'lek Slave who worked in Miraj Scintel's Palace. After she didn't succeed in killing the Queen, Miraj

Inside Zygerrian Labor Processing Hub

told her that she will send her to Kadavo again. The Twi'lek, decided to jump off the balcony and died. At one point during the Clone Wars, Separatists allied with Zygerrians and sold them Togruta colonists from Kiros. The Togrutas were then sent to the Labor Processing Hub, all except their Governor, Roshti and there were tortured and had to work hard in order to survive. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, his Padawan Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex were sent to Zygerria to investigate and locate missing colonists. When Kenobi's identity was found out by one of Zygerrians, Atai Molec, he and his fellow friends were after battle in the arena, the were captured and he and Captain Rex were sent to Kadavo. There, Agruss tried to break Kenobi, torturing and killing poor Togrutas around him and almost succeed, but by that time Skywalker and his Padawan were free again they arrived with big Republic forces to destroy the Labor Processing Hub and save their friends and missing colonists. They succeed and Agruss was killed. After the Togruta colonists were saved, Republic LAAT/i gunships destroyed the base with the missiles

Plo Koon and his forces arrive on the planet

and the whole Processing Hub fell into the pit underneath it.


  • In the comic, the Labor Processing Hub was built on the volcano and when Togrutas fell into the hole, they actually fell into the lava underneath them. In Clone Wars series, the volcano on which Processing Hub was built, was not active.
  • In the comic, Separatists tried to destroy the Processing Hub by themselves, but in the series, the Separatists weren't part of the battle of Kadavo at all.


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